Never a dull moment.

Lately what appears to be some junior wrestling team has been frequenting the weight room.  Which is great.  Seven or eight barefoot twelve year old boys.  Short shorts and no underpants.  Using all of the same equipment as me.  They don’t all wear the short shorts, fortunately, but I am convinced they will break their toes with the way they handle those dumbbells.  What’s worse is their coach in short shorts and I don’t really need to see that man’s legs.  It occurred to me that maybe I should be a wrestler.  A sport in which training is lifting weights and then eating chocopies.  In which fatness is an asset.

Speaking of underpants, some kid, seriously like 10 years-old, came in after TKD and stripped down to his whities to weigh himself.  I got the impression that the track coach, who likes to lean in the window, made a comment about his doing this in my presence, because suddenly the whole room was looking at me.  I love when that happens.


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