Don’t push me kids, or I will terminate you.

Accidentally said “dammit” in front of my class this morning. Before I even got mad at them! In MASH my job was down to “teacher” or “terminator;” I had to cross out “terminator” and the “dammit” just slipped. Apparently I really do not want to be a teacher forever. Also, a laser eye would be nice.

When I got mad at a few little snots for dicking around while I was distracted with other kid’s spelling questions, I didn’t swear, I lowered my voice and used polysyllabic words that were sure to elude them–“I am very disappointed in your behavior right now; this is simply not acceptable. Do I need to consult a Korean teacher?” So that they would repeat back partial sounds that they thought they had heard and look at each other searchingly and with growing concern–‘what on earth is she saying and how deep is the shit we’re in?’

If I had a laser eye, you so would not do your assignment in Korean.

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