How very mass games.

Jeju boys cheeing

Basically this cheering entails large groups of boys wearing special jackets that are one color on the front and another on the back over a shirt of a third color, so what you’re watching are highly choreographed movements of the boys turning around, opening or closing their jackets, standing up or sitting down, and in the case of the one school, moving from one place in the stands to another. It’s a pretty impressive result.

I met a few boys in the smaller group last weekend.



  1. WOW. So people go to watch them at the games instead of the soccer players, right? That’s so impressive

  2. WOW… that is unbelievable! Doubt Americans would have

    a) enough sense to figure out how to do that


    b) enough of an attention span to keep it up that long… haha.

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