I need a nap. And a lesson.

I just acquiesced to my host father’s request that we keep in touch by email until I die.  At least that was how it was put to me.

This weekend we had our spring conference.  I spent a lot of time in norebangs.  I learned that I do not have Freddie Mercury’s range and should not try to sing Queen.  Though I excel (unfortunately?) at Bryan Adams ballads.

I still haven’t lesson planned, because I took friends to Jeju Love Land this afternoon, a sculpture garden of sex, and because when I got back, my host family sucked me into the living room to eat sour grapes and bananas, ask me complicated questions about my travel history that I could neither understand nor answer, and “Eojae“–when– amidst all this travel, will you — my homestay mother pointed to the electronic dictionary– “wedding?”


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