I am a genius.

Fortunately, despite late planning, the Easter lesson flew this morning.  I spent first period hiding paper Easter eggs with nouns and verbs on them all over the classroom.  I thought I was really clever when I put some on the undersides of their chairs.  And it wasn’t until I started explaining an Easter egg hunt that they started to notice the eggs all over the windows.

However, to make this lesson work for a full day, I had to demonstrate all of the things they do to my haphazardly produced teaching materials –fold, roll, write notes, rip– and shout “Hajima!” each time.  But of course, I don’t think of everything so I will have to add for the next class: ‘Don’t tape your noun to your forehead because then it won’t stick to the board.’

The real genius came from a student who wanted to hide her egg for the next class.  Rule number one: if you can, make students do your work for you.  And they are evil geniuses.  There is an egg under the computer mouse.  One on the ceiling.  On the side of an air conditioning vent, tucked up under the clock.  Only… I don’t actually know where they all are now.  I hope we can find them fifth period.


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