Mother of god. Grammar is impossible to teach.

I’m working on a power point for pronouns–they have trouble with the possessive and nonpossessive variety and when I get to the end I realize that, conveniently, when “she” is the direct object, it becomes “her,” which is the same as the possessive pronoun, even though it is not possessive. I cannot explain this to them. However, I get enough “I like she” that I will make them repeat “I like her” and maybe it will stick for a few. It’s so frustrating to watch their faces when I come up and ask “Where is your work from Tuesday? Tuesday. What did we do on Tuesday?”– that look of incomprehension. And I know what it feels like to have someone talking to you and not be able to pick out a comprehensible word. I empathize. But I also know they should know the goddamn days of the week and have the necessary self-awareness to remember that we had class on Tuesday and that we did work then. For the love of Pete, help me help you. Please.


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