Always a culinary adventure

Mrs. Jang informs me, apologetically, that the teachers will go out for stew of dog for lunch this afternoon. I have implied I won’t eat dog; certainly I am ambivalent. “Why are you going today?”

“Uh, to be healthy. We think it is most healthful food we can eat.”

I jump immediately on the chance –“Ok!” She is surprised and wary. I say I will be a better person for trying it, playing up my sense of cultural adventure. But really, I need to try it. I need to find out if, when I put the meat to my mouth I will look at it and think of Little Dog, of Jack, of the terrier in the cellphone store. I need to find out if it will upset me, if the thought of something I have eaten can actually make me sick. This is something I don’t know about myself.

I will let you know.



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