my stomach explodes.

It’s great when one of your students yells out “you are fat!” during the introductory portion of the lesson. Then you still have 42 more minutes to stand at the front of the room, suck it in self-consciously, and think ‘dammit, I should have looked in a mirror this morning.’ And then because you go to lunch during the time when the lunch ladies are ladling, you have to eat your entire daily allowance of carbohydrates in rice and leave the cafeteria feeling extra fat. Thanks, kid. Also on the menu: 8 hardboiled quail eggs, a disturbing orange seafood mix including those little things that look like alien brains and that squirt salty alien brain juice into your mouth when you bite them, and pa kimchi Which, as one of the English teachers told me, is also what you call a really tiring day: sigh, ‘pa kimchi.’

“Why? I don’t know. Maybe because of the shape?” She hold up a stalk of green onion with her chopsticks.


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