OMG, first grade!

“Intermediate” morning class is going to be such a pain.  Some are not entirely proficient with the alphabet.  Some cannot really read.  While others are more reasonably capable.  There are 32 of them with just me in the classroom and my name flying from every corner to answer spelling questions.  For some reason I never understand “Van Hellsing” when they say it.  I want my lessons to all follow a more “task-based” approach as they say in the business.  Read: the students go off and do work and I don’t stand at the front of the room getting blank stares.  Because when I’m frustrated by nonresponsiveness, my speech becomes less comprehensible to them.

In the course of this week’s classes I determined that my lessons, for both grades, were at or below the level (or degree of attention) of about 50% of the class, and I was like ‘success!  My lessons are appropriately targeted!’  I can’t reasonably teach below the level of half the class, now can I?  Nor should I teach above the level of a majority of the class, so.

I’ve been done since 10am.  Korea is spoiling my work ethic and my standards.

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