How do they even learn this?

Didn’t see the speaker, so I cannot be certain that I caused the comment (however I tend to think that all the English that happens around me, if not directly addressed to me, is initiated by my presence), but as a gaggle of elementary school boys walked by the windows of the weight room, someone said “suck my dick.”

I swear, that’s twice now and this never happened last semester.

Last week I ran into a similar crowd as I left my apartment building. They said hi, I said hi, a short boy boy told me his friend’s name was something, which I repeated, which in retrospect was probably obscene.  The friend said “Nickname: smile.” I said oh really, turned to be on my merry way and heard them behind me saying “Nickname: fuck you, nickname: asshole, nickname: shut up.” I turned around.  The short boy’s friend said “I am shut up.”  I was like how did you learn the word asshole before you got to be four feet tall?

I know that in movies they don’t put the naughty words in the subtitles.  Probably the internet.


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