testing, testing

Gave the same questions to second grade with somewhat better results. Only 1/4 instead of 1/2 could not write five sentences about themselves.

An admirable reason to want to study English: “Because I want to be good at everythings. English is in that, so I want to study English. ”

The first grade class is going to be huge. Although I am virtually certain, based on last semester, that half of them, or more, will drop out.

I’ve got a girl who lived in the Phillipines for a year and is startlingly conversational, pointing out that a written diagnostic test is imperfect, as she was only a mild standout based on it.

I try to lesson plan, but when it is damn near impossible to give directions because you can’t explain anything and your students can barely read, it puts a glass ceiling on what seems achievable. I am always thinking “if they understand this task, they have the language to do it, but they don’t have the language to understand my explanation.”

Case in point: I realized that it may have been the word “sentence” that threw them on the evaluation. The girl who wants to know everything wrote “What is sentence? Just thinking about answering.”


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