cultural ambassador +1 point.

The Korean (subject) teacher who is taking an online English course remarks over lunch how well I eat, then “American peoples, I think, pride in their country. So, they Korea” she looks off into the kitchen where all of the rice cookers are singing jingles because they are ready, looking for the word. She says her thought in Korean, holds the plane of her hand in the air and lowers it just above the table, decides on “under-see.” American people, she thinks, under-see Korea. Which is a good way of putting it. She says I do not under-see Korea and it seems to me that food becomes symbolic for many people of their entire culture.

Today we had sundae —pig intesting stuffed with rice; a curious case of something that smells like shit but tastes fine if you don’t think about it. Although I’m starting to tire of fish soups full of radishes.


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