Tuesday, Tuesday.

I want to describe the temperature and biting wind on the island these last few days, and I think the phrase “MOTHER OF FUCK,” which slipped out of my mouth on the way back from the gym, best does so.  Or I would concurr with the elementary boy whom I passed running with his head down: “Ahhhg chu-eo!  Ahhhg.”  This weekend it was spring.  Right now it is snowing.

Until my advanced 8am class begins again to be the bane of my existence only because I am too uncaffeinated at that hour to remember all of the materials I need for a class, I am going to take advantage of my location.  I can sleep until 8 and still be at school before 8:30.  Although here I am before nine o’clock though I don’t have class until 1:30.  Except that the schedule can change five minutes before the bell rings, so now I have class at 11.  It’s the first day of the woman I’m coteaching with today.  Should be an adventure.

This principle is a tricky one.  Doesn’t speak English but will try to have serious conversations with me.  Caught me chewing on my thumb nail and imitated the motion from across the room.  Is very seriously balding on top with haphazard strings falling into his face.

And upon further introduction to the new teacher who only comes Tuesday and Thursday, I discover that my entire time schedule is different.  Well, at least I have class every day now.  The last one had nothing for me on Wednesday and Thursday.

“I envy you,” she said.  “Seems like you have many free times.”  I wanted to be like ‘don’t envy me.  You probably have more purpose in life.’


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