I don’t want to grow up.

It is that time. It the time to begin regular obeisance, in my pajamas, to the graven image of Monster.com in anticipation of July’s pending unemployment. Am I qualified for a career in the National Clandestine Services? Printing ink salesperson? Would a business wire hire me to edit news releases? I could probably get up to 60 wpm. And wouldn’t it be a hoot to answer this ad for a “writer” to help some unnamed person for unnamed remuneration pen his or her memoirs?

I applied for a Fulbright with the assumption that employment would thereafter fall out of the sky. Why not so?

Here it is. My future is calling: “Must be fluent and articulate in English. Must be willing to learn locations within the Delaware River, channels, and associated terminals, piers, tides and currents.” Tug boat dispatcher. I will need a yellow rain slicker.



  1. I really enjoy your new layout. Looks lovely!

    Good luck job searching… I’ve been doing some of that myself, and it can get kind of frustrating at times. I’m sure it will all work out though.

    Hope all is well!!

    Sarah E

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