Happy Seollal and welcome, year of the Piggy.

Leaving Seoul tomorrow, returning to Jeju on the 22nd to say goodbye to the seonsengnims who are changing schools this semester.

Today is Lunar New Year, meaning everything is closed and I have therefore not stepped outside since we returned around 4am.  Dana’s roommate and his girlfriend ate our leftover meatballs, therefore we resent them and had to eat tuna sandwiches instead.

Have finally been to Itaewon which is like being in America.  Went to a gay bar and an Egyptian restaurant across the street.  Oh, delicious baba ganoush, oh vodka tonics, oh African American army lesbians with pierced lips, how out of place you seem to me in the Korea that I know.

Do I have to make new years’ resolutions all over again?

  1. Save less money;
    • don’t succumb to the logic that it’s too expensive to do anything.  That is, have a life.
  2. Stress less–
    • no use crying over spilt makkeolli
  3. Study Korean
    • at least a little.
  4. Read more,
    • sit at computer less.
  5. Write more
    • for the love of god.

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