in a strange land

I think that if greater Seoul knew what exactly was behind the enclosure of the US base in their city they would be appalled or somehow offended by the ample lawns and one one story 1950’s-esque suburban-type houses with their western outlets and smell of whatever chemical that we use in our carpets or to glue them down that makes you think, upon first inhalation of the air in the room, of some house or apartment you must have lived in at some point in your life.  It’s like being in America, but with the thirty-odd story apartment complexes of Seoul rising up on the skyline, those fancy boxes that most well-off Korean people live in.  Without driveways or curbside mailboxes.  All of the restaurants give you change in American dollars and women push baby strollers down the street that have babies in them instead of vegetables.


  1. The ajummas in Hallim take out all the padding and use them as vegetable carts. And most Korean mothers use these fancy blankets with straps to tie the babies on their backs. So I rarely see carriages used at all much less as intended.

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