Let me sleep on it…baby baby..

After we stayed up all night, Milie opens a box of Rice Krispies on my last morning home.  Pulls out a plastic step counter with a picture of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, which is the cereal “toy.” 

“Milie.  Can I have it?  I want to know how many steps there are between Pittsburgh and Seoul.”

I wanted to be able to give a number like 2,473, which is my estimate.  However, we are talking about the kind of precision instrument that comes with vocal rice cereal.  And I did sit on it somewhere between San Fransisco and Chicago and hit the reset button, so we’re also talking about the precision instrument of my memory.  Wasn’t as cool as I thought it would be.

Man in front of me in SFO hands the boarding pass-checker-lady a laminated plastic card that says “Priority Security.”  She looks at his pass and literally flings the card at her podium where other such cards are stacked.  It misses and flutters to the floor.  She waves him through.  He says, “What does that get me?”  She says, “Nothing.  Everyone’s the same right now.”

Well, I’m heading out to a ski resort where I would have been teaching at an English camp were it not canceled, but where we’ve been told we can stay for free.  Hopefully the airport will ship my bag.


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