Apropos of nothing, really:

A funny story from the world of home improvement retail.

An old Italian lady, with a heavy accent, walks into the store and wants to know if the man knows about clogs and toilet pipes. He does.

So she’s been taking this barium stuff for some medical procedure. “Do you know if that makes your poop hard?”

“No, ma’am, I wouldn’t know anything about that.”

She asks because when she reached her hand down there what she felt was just like a rock.

“Ma’am. Don’t put your hand down there.” Use less toilet paper, he advises. Don’t use Charmin.

Oh, well, that’s not a problem, that goes in a brown paper bag beside the can.



  1. Oh, old italian ladies are the funniest. Unless of course they are cursing you in italian and hiting you with an umbrella at was moments before a quaint italian market. Anyways I hear you stoped by the library when I wasn’t there…the nerve or not knowing my schedule. Anyways we should chill, if you have the time of course.

  2. “…when she reached her hand down there…”

    It took me four reads to understand that “down there” refers to the toilet’s plumbing and not the lady’s own plumbing.

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