I’m looking at my schedulde for the week that I will be home and I do not have time to get drunk with as many people as I would like to.  And do the things I need to do, buy gifts to keep the Koreans from out-casting me when I get back, and be able to spend time with my family, which is the reason I decided to dump a grand to come home in the first place.  And all I will want to do is sleep after going back in time twelve hours.

Among the things I have to do:

  • Get a haircut.  I have a sort of flying nun thing going on that is ridiculous.  And I am too afraid to get my hair cut by someone I can’t talk to.  Which is unfortunate because haircuts are extremely cheap here.
  • Keep trying to get this one story published because Michael Byers said it was good.
  • Buy some long-sleeved shirts in a country not populated by paper dolls.
  • Buy books.
  • Figure out where I’m going to trot in the world outside of Korea that hasn’t had a recent coup .
  • Get drunk in da ‘burgh at least once.  For old times’ sake.

Of the 12 months of 2006, I will have been in the US for two months and a week.  Far out.  So apologies in advance to those of my friends with whom I will not be able to enjoy inebriation on delicious beer that is not the color of well hydrated urine.  Please understand that I wouldn’t drop a month’s paycheck, fly halfway around damnation, and cut a week out of the time I am allowed to trot the world outside of Korea for you, but I would do it for my mom.


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