I have no idea.

Some mornings I’m just like “what on earth is going on?”  It’sa  grey and windy Sunday morning, windy like the world is going to blow away, someone keeps coming to the door, they gave that person a screwdriver at one point, my host parents are in and out of the house and I can’t guess why, the host dad was outside for a period of time wearing a blanket, his wife came back at one point with a dirty radish and then was gone again, there is fish soaking in the kitchen, and there was some business with cleaning the radish in the bathroom and then I definitely heard my host dad vomit.

Fish is, apparently, breakfast food because that’s usually when we eat it.  I’m just sittin’ here with my instant coffee, Gmail chatting, wishing I spoke Korean.  I leave for the US in four days and I don’t know whether or not I will change homestays in February or what I will do exactly for the two months that I’m off.  I wish the Lonely Planet for South East Asia wasn’t so damn big.  Also, my host family gave me a gift to take to my real family.  It’s huge and is throwing off my packing.  Since I can’t be absolutely sure that my parents don’t read this, I won’t say what it is and spoil the surprise.  They probably won’t find it as funny as I do.


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