Bowie meets Bing.

Somehow I imagined that when David Bowie and Bing Crosby came together it would be less…cheesy.



  1. My favorite part is when he talks about agents sliding down the chimney.

    Rumor has it (I may or may not have learned this from Holiday Pop-Up Video in the late ’90s) that originally it was just supposed to be a “Little Drummer Boy” duet, but Bowie arranged to add the “Peace on Earth” part, not to bridge the gap between Christian holiday tradition and a more secular worldview, but because “The Little Drummer Boy” didn’t show off his vocal talent enough.

    Regardless, a few years ago I made my mom a sweet Christmas mix CD featuring this, a few songs from “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” and Redd Foxx singing “The Christmas Song” on “Sanford & Son.”

  2. Hot. I also like how Bing initially acts like he doesn’t even know who Bowie is and then he says that Bowie’s music is all right. And I like how Bowie makes like he’s going to play the piano but synthesizer music filters in. High art.

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