Let this be a lesson to you

Just because an allergy medication is not working, and the dosing information is all in Korean, does not mean you should feel no compunctions against double dosing on the assumption that if you could read the indications, they would say it’s ok.

Apparently it took 10 times as much generic Zyrtec as I took to kill a rat. Thank you, Google. But. Does this mean I can also take some Tylenol cold since, as I mentioned, the other stuff, even at double dose, is not working? I’m overjoyed that I might have gotten a cold after an illness-free semester just in time for the holidays.

We spent 3 hours finding a coat for my host mother. Me sneezing and sniffing the entire time. They’ve now rented Guemul (The Host). This time there are no English subtitles, so I ran, metaphorically speaking, to Mike Hurt‘s blog and got his podcast audio commentary. I’ve got it almost perfectly synced; fortunately, you can hear the movie in the background while they’re talking. Although it isn’t as funny, having forgotten everything they said.

My host dad just killed a mosquito on his wife’s shoulder during a tense moment and scared the shit out of her.

I want to go to bed, but I think that we are making hodoek once the dough is ready and I’d hate to miss out on that. If it were possible, everyone would get fried, syrup filled patties or waffle-like cake shaped like fish and filled with sweet beans, made in a waffle-like iron on the street for Christmas. Four for a dollar. But they’re only good fresh.


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