learn me good

My host brother had to learn “Dust in the Wind” this weekend.  I wonder if his new foreign teacher, whom he once desribed as having a small head and a big body, is responsible for this.  He is Tone Deaf.  So this was both the most amusing thing ever and rather annoying.

I have to wonder what the middle school curriculum is.  This week is finals.  At the moment I’m on the schedule to proctor, but I don’t know if that’s a good idea.  They will try to cheat with me.  My host sister studied crazy hours all last week.  Getting up at 4am, staying at hagwon most of the weekend, going to her friends house at midnight last night to get notes.  I was surprised to hear her singing in the shower this morning; I don’t think I would be in such a positive mood.

And unless what they’re learning is substantively more difficult than what I studied in middle school there is *no reason* to study this much.  To study so much just to be average.  Without the language I really can’t know or make generalizations about the educational system but I feel like there must be something wrong.   And I’m not even talking about high school and the SATs on steroids.


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