Here’s the sub-head for the article: 미국 메리엄_웹스터 영어사전이 9일 ‘트루시니스(truthiness)’를 올해의 단어로 선정했다.

With my amazing Korean language powers, I will translate: 미국 = “Beautiful land” i.e. America. 메리엄_웹스터 영어사전이 = “Mae-li-eom Waeb-seu-teo English Dictionary.” 9일 = 9 days? ‘트루시니스(truthiness)’ = “teu-loo-shee-nee-seu (truthiness).” Blah blah blah blah.

For shits and giggles, I put the article into the Google language tool:

AP communications this word did not follow in `objective evidence and or logic not to be they were based to an intuition or a decision and a courage and oneself wants the fact that believes meat a propensity and’ truth, it conveyed. This word in compliance with this year beginning American dialect association `2005 is selected did with word’.

If this word the nose midi which with political satire and plaque [le] D pulls popularity the broadcasting master of ceremony Steven call butt of the native which freezes from last year October cable TV program `call butt report’ first broadcasting under writing starting from became the gear which is. The call butt knows the intention of this word as the truth’ this it comes out from a sentiment (gut) provided from `books.

The call butt criticized and President Bush W George when Republic of Iraq the opportunity which had been under invading and the nautical mile crooked Myers justice of Supreme this end the process which had been under distinction it used. Him “President Bush Myers justice of Supreme eminent reason `I believe the breast and we talk and’” “this [thu] [lwu] is sour the [su] is disrupting us,” it indicated.

Ok, it was all I could do not start laughing like a crazy person in the gyomoshil when I saw “Colbert” re-translated as “call butt.”


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