I am going to hate that sonsengnim is reading this self-help book. I say going to because it’s only starting to annoy me, the frequency that he says “excuse me, what does it mean [some common English turn of phrase]” and then “does it mean [basically what that turn of phrase means]?” So I say yes, and then he says “Why does he say like this instead of [and then rephrases it in some way that although simpler, is not actually how we speak].” And I am left to argue that, in fact, the author’s choice of words is better. It’s only starting to annoy me. But soon that annoyance will turn to rage. Especially if my carepackage from home *never* arrives. I have to stop wanting it or I will be very disappointed. Although I don’t have much time left to enjoy whatever is in it before I go home and can have whatever it is anway.

Did I mention the argument we had over the meaning of “the homeless?” The argument where I wanted to scream “Don’t argue with me! It’s my goddman language, do with it what you like, but don’t disagree with me about how to use the words!” I have to stop thinking about this or I will get angry. Incidentally, in Korean the way of expressing that someone is angry by using body language is to give yourself horns with your index fingers.

How can there be any disagreement over the meaning of the homeless? Well, you don’t see “the homeless” on a street corner, as it is phrased in the second grade final. You see homeless people. Try clarifying how, although “the homeless” technically means homeless people, it is distinct from the specific homeless people that you may see on a given street corner.

I did not pick this fight; I was *asked* to edit said final, but then told that I was mistaken about the suggestions I made.  Fine. What do I know?


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