English teacher’s workshop:

Some woman who gave a very inspirational speech has ruined my life.  Sonsengnim will rejoin me in class, I think, on Monday.

It has become somewhat of a habit to listen to my weekly podcast of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me… on the bus ride home from the city late at night.  Someone had graffittied the back of a seat with the word “Soap.”  By late at night I mean, on the last bus, by which I mean, 9pm.  I should perahps stop listening to funny things or risk becoming that crazy foreigner who laughs to herself.  I contained myself fairly well until the last joke and then the high school girls across the aisle looked at me.

As I’m walking home from “down town” I think to myself, it’s 10pm on Friday night.  Why is the stationery store still open?  Also, I wish that Little Dog was my dog.  So that I could bathe her.  As it is, I have to wash my hands *as soon* as I get home.  She sleeps on gravel.

There was just a little jasmine tea left for me to enjoy with the host fam, while they tried to find a Konglish word in the dictionary that would explain why ajumas on TV were sitting in bath tubs of black stuff being scrubbed by other ladies.  I don’t know what English (or other language) “ah-toh-pee” comes from, but I looked up “exfoliate” and my host mother said “oh, yes.”


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