But why is the rum gone?

Every morning this week I have woken up in complete disbelief that it is a day later.  No, seriously, how is it Thursday?  And, ’tis like a Friday for me, except for the sleeping in, as tomorrow is an English teacher’s workshop in Jeju-si for which I will miss school but have to get up ass early to catch the bus, and which will be conducted in Korean except for the presentation given by one of our own.  Would knitting during lectures be totally out of line?  I’ve got this cute pair of fingerless gloves coming along quite nicely.  (I taught myself to knit European style *and* learned how to do a thumb gusset.  Gusset is such good word.)

I wish I was not out of Bailey’s.  I need something that can be drunk hot.  My house is quite cold in the evenings.  Rum would be nice.  I don’t think there’s any rum in Hallim.

Unrelatedly, the music teacher showed at least some of the kids Sister Act.  Which is hil-arious.   We were walking to class and this kid was saying to me “Shishteoh At! Shishteoh At!”  I thought I must be misunderstanding until she said “Whoopie Goldbeog-uh!”



  1. Problem is, I’m cold at night when I shouldn’t be drinking coffee. My latest solution is red wine. Served room temp, makes the body warm. Whenever I offer my host dad some of my alcohol he accepts and then tells me that he likes whiskey and soju because the alcohol content is higher. I should go to WV and get him a bottle of Everclear when I go home. His wife would hate me.

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