ms. grinch

At Thanksgiving dinner at the ambassador’s I told Margaret that I would not let other people’s behavior make me feel like I have to apply to grad school now.  And I won’t, but the words “Harvard Law,” obscene LSAT scores, and word of medical school acceptances pool in my inbox.  Pool and curdle into a cottage cheese of pessimism.  Cottage cheese.  You know what would taste really good right now…

Spare your words of encouragement; I would challenge you not to feel a sense of injustice that the same people who thought surfing down the dormitory stairs on spare mattresses was a good idea are headed to Harvard Law or will do your coronary bypass operation in thirty years.  While you, who were in your room studying for a Korean test, in your room reading a book, in your room sleeping, in your room eating the ramen that will be the reason you need that operation, will probably end up not making much money working in a library or serving coffee with your unpublished novel in a desk drawer.

Ok, so I don’t actually remember who was involved in the mattress surfing, and congratulations are in order.  Don’t mind me, I’m just dyspeptic.  I’ve developed a sudden allergy to eggs and they served bibimbap in the cafeteria this afternoon.


  1. I feel your pain. Those kids who called themselves the Hobbs Hall Bobbsleaders…..yeah. Or how about people who didn’t decide to go to grad school because it was what they really wanted. They didnt work hard to get into gradschool. It was more like, ‘well I’m graduating….guess I’ll go to gradschool.’ 😦 Or even better not just ‘well I’m graduating…well my significant other still has a year of undergrad…’ Double 😦

  2. There is nothing wrong with working in the library it is an honorable professional choice filled with the satisfaction that you and your colleagues are protecting the knowledge resources of all humanity. Without the librarians we would all still be competing to create the wheel again and again and again. And without wheels the world would suck more then it already does, and well without baristas I wouldn’t be able to stay awake with my enjoyment of the blood of some poor peasant.

  3. Jonah, you are, as always, an inspiration to me. I will be in Pittsburgh on the 28th of December. Not that day, because I will be incredibly jetlagged, but some time shortly thereafter, and before Christmas, I will come to the library for a visit.

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