Hump day

Sonsengnim never erases the board when he goes before me in the classroom.  Always an amusing surprise.  Today’s board included:

Lets make the world a better place

The rich are not always happy

= rich people

the homeless = homeless people

the true = truth

the good = goodness

the pretty = prettiness

[and off to the side] want to = wanna / be going to = gonna

What on Earth was the lesson?

Teaching without a Korean teacher is a mixed bag.  I confiscate more mp3 players and cell phones and they are a little noisier.  But I think I would rather fail myself than have to stand by and watch someone else hit them, insult them, and send them into the hall and then be talked about to the students in the third person.  For the record, I teach with two sonsengnims and with only one of them is this a problem.  The teacher with whom this is a problem doesn’t come anymore because he doesn’t want to and I told him he doesn’t have to.


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