If you ever thought the study of fictions wasn’t applicable to the real world.

 I just think this is well said.

“In the 21st century, we remain hostage to our sense of grievances, and to feelings of entitlement,” [Kofi] Annan said. “Our narratives have become our prison, paralyzing discourse and hindering understanding.”

Annan cribbed his script from a strategy paper he commissioned last year in response to the growing religious rift between East and West. The report concluded that political interests rather than religious fanaticism lay at the heart of the conflict, and recommended grounded historical research as an antidote.

“Of prime importance in this regard is the mutual recognition of the competing narratives that emerged following the establishment of the state of Israel,” the report notes. “In the eyes of most Jews and Israelis this event was the result of a long-standing aspiration to build a Jewish homeland and was immediately followed by an attack from neighboring Arab countries. For Palestinians and a majority of people in the Muslim world, however, the establishment of Israel was experienced as an act of aggression that led to the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and to the occupation of their lands.”


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