A new beginning

The words on my chalkboard this morning as the students filed in: “Today it is just you and me and my GUN.”

Today was day one of “Sara does su-eop* sans sonsengnim.” It was fabulous.  My gun is a dolphin that opens its mouth to to shoot water into the hair of students who talk while I am speaking.  Some are not at all pleased. They really care about their hair and there aren’t even boys at their school.  The rest really like to watch someone else get it.

I demanded my first apology letter for cellphone use during class.  And I got a two-for-one: one kid wrote the letter, and I’m pretty sure this particular student made someone else write it, while she had to read it. “I’m crying. I miss my cellular phone. I love my cellular phone.” The letter claims she had taken it out only to turn it off, which is a lie, but the tone was, if not totally repentant, at least apologetic.



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