This is probably what I need in my classroom.

In terms of differentiated instruction the ideas that emerge are those dealing with a move from “one size fits all” teaching, or “teaching to the center” to meeting the needs of diverse learners while maintaining high standards and high expectations for all learners. Differentiated instruction is not the individualized instruction that was popular in the 1970s, and it is not a technique that places less proficient students on a computer while the teacher works with the ‘on level’ students.  Differentiated instruction is well organized, well planned and addresses not only different ability levels, but also different needs, interests and strengths of the learners. Differentiation of instruction allows for whole group instruction, heterogeneous small group cooperative work, and individual instruction. It allows the teacher to create student centered learning experiences that focus on varied approaches to content, process, and product. In addition, it provides for ongoing, embedded, authentic assessment of students’ skills, interests and learning style (Tomlinson, 2005).

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