Don’t let the door hit you


She’s crying because she might have to go back to the Pittsburgh public schools. Being registered at my parents house, I had the distinct pleasure of getting to vote against Santorum *and* Melissa Hart. Peace out, as sonsengnim would say. That being possibly his favorite slang that I have used this term. ,,\/.(^_^) I will take these moments to wallow in satisfaction before reality and disillusionment reassert themselves.



  1. Making this moment even sadder Poopy Lube’s daughter is wearing the same terible outfit her doll came with! also the other children look as though they have taken a huge shit in their pants.

  2. Maybe the daughter was bought out of the same catalog as the doll, thus explaining their resemblance. Where else but the “Creepy Christians-Who-Are-Not-So-Secretly-The-Devil Catalog” can you get an ensemble as hideous as that???

    And that sad face translates to, “Now I have to go places where they believe in things as offensive as… CREATION” Aka her soul was melting


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