Hump day

1. Someone whose apartment is on my walk home just got a puppy. I am so excited. The puppy was so excited that someone with fingers that tasted like Burts Bees Hand cream and oranges stopped by to pet him that he pissed himself.

2. What I thought were cabbage patches surrounding my house, since they put cabbage in frickin’ everything here and when the plants were small they looked like the cartoon on cabbage patch dolls, are actually broccoli. I’ve seen broccoli on a table once.

And 3. I may have ruined my host sister’s project–a pumpkin made into a box to put candy in. Sounds a little gross to me, peeling off a wrapper with pumpkin juices on it, but whatever. I broke the stem trying to help her get the top off. Gave her my super glue and stepped out.

What’s funny is I considered making a Jack O’ Lantern for Halloween, but since they  actually eat pumpkin here, as opposed to farming huge vegetables whose only purpose is to rot in November, I assumed it would be viewed as a terrible waste of food.


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