The weekend endeth.

OMG.  Grey’s Anatomy is on TV but it is dubbed in Korean.  The torment.

On the ride back from Seogwipo, the driver tried to throw some lady off the bus.  They argued over baek won.  So like a dime.  She didn’t pay enough.  The ajassi said “1500 won” and she said “1400 won.” In their discourse he would repeat “1500 won” and she would say the word ‘expensive,’ repeat “1400 won” amongst other things, he twice kicked her change out of the machine and once waited at an empty stop as if to say ‘if you don’t like it, leave.’  I’m sure that’s what he was saying.  They argued in informal Korean until she said “Arasumnida.”  I understand, in the most polite tense.

I confess I don’t know exactly the status of the FTA with Korea, but orange growers burned an orange tree in the street in protest and riot police used their sheilds to beat a man through the windshield of a truck with a set of loudspeakers on top.  We played out the debate at our dinner table while watching these images on the news, my host mother sympathetic, my host father arguing, so it seemed to me, that if the hallabong is a dollar, two dollars, people can’t afford to eat it; a foreign orange is 50 cents, 70 cents.  I became peripheral during this period, although he would look at me when he said the word “picket” or “strike.”


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