The hummingbird must have been disappointed.

Could not bear to spend Saturday inside, so I went to a crater.  Just past Jeju National University, the landscape switches from tropical to temperate and I could be in Pennsylvania.  In fact, some of the leaves are turning.

The crater is just past Miniworld where minature dinosaurs are down the path from a miniature statue of liberty.  Elephant World is further on.  Admission to the crater is three dollars, they sell all manner of Jeju kitsch, and the paths are rubber paved, but the sun broke through the clouds as I arrived and lit up the eulalia in the fields, and despite the number of people it was scenic and peaceful.  Then the bus loads of po po from the beach yesterday showed up.

I read a story set in Wyoming, waiting for the bus back to Jeju City, when a hummingbird tried to drink nectar out of the bright gold letters T and the Y in the word University on my sweatshirt.


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