Oh, internets.

It’s her role to bring it to the community and see what the community thinks,” he said. “What’s obscene in Mississippi might not be obscene in New York.”

I mean, I guess that’s true but doesn’t it sound weird to say so? And it’s an interesting debate–is it possible for the written word to be obscene? Or is the obscenity in the image and the image being in the reader’s mind, the obscenity is therefore at the discretion of the reader?

And I feel like I know this guy, but it might only be because he ordered a lot of stuff through Interlibrary Loan and I typed his name into Access one point five million times.

And ohhh how I hope he loses.

Mr. Santorum completed his two-day blitz yesterday with speeches in Pittsburgh, Johnstown and Erie against the emerging triumvirate of Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. The message has been the same: Those countries want to become world powers by using their resources of oil and weapons to destroy the United States. And, Mr. Santorum says, he’s better equipped to fend off their efforts than Mr. Casey.

I will admit that I don’t even like Bob Casey and that I have no principles to stand on. But the idea that Rick Santorum’s presence or absence in the Senate will have any effect on what ultimately happens with Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela?

“We’re not going to lose this war in the streets of Baghdad,” he said at the Heinz History Center in the Strip District. “We’re going to lose it in the streets of Pittsburgh and Peoria.”

Get real.

I was the first one up this morning (how unusual) brewing coffee, reading the Post Gazette online. Breaking the sugar bowl…


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