Yesterday, but I prefer the present tense.

My care package arrives.  Everything is wrapped in Giant Eagle bags, but on top are four red and brown, brittle fall leaves.  An oak leaf, a maple leaf, and the other two are from a tree whose name I can’t remember.  There is my dad’s favorite mix of Nicholas coffee–Melitta blend–two DVDs, The Nightmare Before Christmas and an anime that Emily must be responsible for.  A pair of knitting needles in a size I already own, but that have a pretty twisted ribbon of pink in the clear plastic, and of course, the candy corn that I had requested.  It is not a testament to my willpower that I haven’t opened a bag yet.  It is a testament to my goldfish-like short-term memory –I keep forgetting that I have it.

But I immediately enjoy a wondorously black cup of coffee.  The other teachers laugh at me a little, maybe because it’s funny and novel I can’t stop smiling, although they didn’t see my face in that first moment, when I fingered the leaves that are so familiar it seems inconcievable to me that they are not outside the window right now, but everything is still green here.



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