The weekend cometh.

The school got dressed up for the official people who visited today. There are potted flowers at the front entrance, in the hall, and on every step of the front stairs. Made me wish I had a suit. The official people comment to sonsengnim that there is no sign outside the new classroom. Therefore, and soon, I imagine, it will become the “English Experience Lab.”

My non-solidified plan for the afternoon/evening is to buy a bottle of Reisling that this corner Super has for \ 7,500 and watch Frankenweenie, which, according to the box, came with this special edition of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Although, having looked at the sky, first I might have to go for a long walk to somewhere beachy.



  1. Actually, in the states, the kinds of pumpkins grown for Jack-o-lanterns and those made into pies are two different species. I suppose the ones we carve *could* be eaten, but in general they’re not – and maybe they’re actually not recommended to eat. I don’t know where to look to find this out.

    But you know how genetic engineering goes: the bigger and better and shinier and oranger, the WORSE the taste and texture.

    Sometimes I have science

  2. The pumpkins here are small and green. I mean, they’re orange on the inside, but they actually look like vegetables.

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