Re: evening plans

The beach was crawling with po po. Literally –three buses with wire cage windows and dozens of young men whose t-shirts read “police” frolicking in the sand.

On my way home was invited in for drinks by a random man whose store I passed, who was impressed by my ability to, in Korean, say “Hello” and “I don’t speak Korean well.” Had to decline.

Passed two teenagers, one of whom made like a body building pose and said “Health!” which means I have seen him at the gym. Had to laugh.

Bought Cabernet Savingon instead of Reisling.

Frankenweenie: as cute as I remember from when I got up in the middle of the night as a kid in Tampa and snuck out into the living room to watch it without my parents knowledge. At least, I think they didn’t know. And I think it was Frankenweenie that I watched. Did not, at that time, realize it was the same kid from The Never Ending Story.

Also watched the anime —Howl’s Moving Castle. Cracked me up. Thank you, Milie.

“Your head is a turnip. I’ve always hated turnips.”


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