And I thought 완두 was Konglish for “wonder”

Because 완두 coffee *is* wonder coffee.

I picked up one of these at이마트. That is, “Ee-mah-tuh.”  Which, incidentally, is replacing every Walmart in the country.  Even though I have no love for E-Mart, the Korean equivalent of the bane of American shopping, it is sort of satisfying to see Walmart fail.


It is a wonderful addition to my school day although I now have to teach too early in the morning to get a cup before class.  They call it 완두 coffee –“Won-doo” coffee.  Sonsengnim looked up 완두 in the dictionary.  “A spherical head.  You know?  A spherical head.  Spherical head.”  He never understand why I am baffled by words in my native language.

Spherical head refers, apparently, to the unground coffee bean.


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