txt msge

My recieved messages, a selection:

  • Sera don’t need to buy whiski
  • 그냥와요
  • finished the stories today. amazing.
  • Sara!!hi~i’m ji yeon ~~ i don’t know slang ㅠㅠ
  • try ginseng. my mom makes this tea and it gives me bad gas.
  • Hi 세라 what are you doing?
  • wow. that really sucks.
  • yeah that sucks.
  • no. we sat in the bs terminal. i am over it.
  • yes.. sorry..who is this again?
  • ㅋㅋㅋ ^.^ Have fun!
  • OK *^^*
  • ㅋ 미투
  • 세라 아유심심?
  • Hi Sara I am Billy
  • Bring advil if you have it. looks like this is 4 hrs long.
  • You are my sunshine

Notes on the Korean:

  • 세라 = my name
  • ㅠㅠ = two of the characters for the “yoo” sound, in this case, bashfully downcast eyes
  • ㅋ = the character for the aspirated ‘k’ sound, indicates laughter after the fashion in which Koreans vocalize “he he he” –“khe khe khe”
  • 미투 = phoenetically: “me too”
  • 아유심심 = phoenetically “ah yoo” (i.e. are you), and “sheem sheem,” the Korean word for bored.

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