Too early in the morning.

I was Jehova’s Witnessed on the way to school.

“I’m not religious.”

“That’s ok, this is not religion,” proffers pamphlet, “it’s the word of the lord.”

Apparently I was, in fact, the only person buying the frappacinos at the Hallim Mart, where they were almost a dollar cheaper than elsewhere.  I went in after two weeks hiatus and there was a void on the shelf where they once were.  However, this Korean cinnamon soy cappaccino is a reasonable substitute.  My dad put a pound of Nicholas coffee in a care package that should get here by Halloween.  I am so excited.

I feel like my writing lately has been …negative?  Less than positive?  In the sense that I am downloading a lot of podcasts, watch a lot of Western TV on the internet, and pine for my coffee maker from home home, which may betray a certain lack of integration with, or alienation from, life in my current home.

I do have to say that being in Korea has been different than my previous travel experiences.  Maybe it is actually a function of the experience, but I encounter my life here with less wonder.  It is more like a normal life that just happens to be somewhere where I have to bow a lot, don’t see my parents often, can’t always read people, and don’t speak the language.

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