The humorous moments that just pass everyone by

Did a lesson on body parts.  Threw in things like “wrist” and “thigh” that even the good ones don’t know.  Even so, sonsengnim likes to complicate my lesson by throwing in extra vocab I hadn’t planned on explaining.  As a student was coming up to write “chest” he says “So there are many words, right:  Breast.  Bust.”

And so, as often happens, I have a ridiculous situation, like a 52 year old man holding his hands in the air as though copping a feel in front of thirty kids, but I’m too worried about getting through the lesson in that moment to be amused.

To humor him, I wrote in bust.  And because of his confusion about the difference between hip and buttocks — Koreans use them  interchangably — I had the entire class shouting “buttocks!”  After which, in answer to a question from one of my students, I had to explain the pronunciation distinction between buttocks and botox.


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