The student whom I yesterday referred to as my friend, will know be known as my arch-enemy.  After school I passed a pack of kids on the corner outside a restaurant where they seemed to be buying strawberry ice cream cones and other things; I had just mailed my absentee ballot and bought a few snacks in small packages for tomorrow and was on my way home.  Half a block past, the little rat, my arch-enemy, whose name I will make it a point to learn, ran to catch up with me.  “Sera! ”  She held a mostly eaten chicken on a stick up to my face.  “Very hot!  –No!  No very hot!”  I took a small bite.
It was so fucking hot that I gave myself the hiccups from sucking in my breath the moment, and the effect had some delay, when I realized ‘holy, fucking shit this is the hottest fucking thing I have ever put in my now god-forsaken mouth.’  She went away laughing and I walked home as fast as I could, snotty, tearing out of my right eye, and spitting on trees.



  1. sorry for laughing at your expense, but i just laughed outloud! knowing that you’ve been working your spiciness level up, if i had eaten that, i might’ve dropped dead on the spot.

    i enjoy reading about your life in korea. hope all is well!

  2. It is my pleasure to provide painful situations for others to laugh at. This is the problem with being alone here–there is no one else to witness the hilarity.

    Now when I see her in school this kid is like “Teacher, very very hot chicken!”

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