::heart:: cinema

Am making a spontaneous trip to the Pusan International Film Festival on Friday. I speak enough Korean to successfully walk into the airline office (conveniently across the street from my gym) and buy a plane ticket. Maybe I will…never…get around to giving a full account of the Gyeongju conference or the Chuseok holiday. I climbed on top of a king’s tomb, wore hanbok, and drank a lot of rice wine, what’s there to say? Busan is a violent city. I saw the first three fights I have ever seen in Korea.

Today was the first day of midterms. My friend from first grade, the one who cut herself, ran up to me, “Teacher! My, English: three.” She said that she answered C for all of the questions on the English exam.

Re: dieting in the gyomoshil – the fare is tofu for protein, dry little frozen anchovies for calcium, and red bean paste that supposedly prevents cancer, all wrapped in steamed cabbage that has been refrigerated. Actually quite refressing. According to sonsengnim, we will live to be 200 years old eating this food.

Then we staged photos of me teaching to an empty classroom for a “small paper” of “information” and a “big paper.” For mock text I was instructed to write “Lunch was delicious.”

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