Two unrelated and random thoughts

1. I have reached a point in life that I find myself asking truly stupid questions. Like, why is the ocean beautiful? Why is the reflection of the setting sun in the ocean doubly so?

Seriously, why?
2. Adjusting to meat eating again in the Korean context is occasionally shocking, not only because of new meats like ink-covered raw squid and grilled eel, but because of the shoulderblades in my soup.

And maybe a third: why did I not think to ask my host family if they had a real coffee maker? I mean, they sleep on beds, I should have suspected they would have an uncommon western appliance in the bedroom closet that they never use. I do not care if Maxwell House from E-mart is more expensive than gourmet coffee from Nicholas in downtown Pittsburgh. And maybe it has almost no flavor, but it tastes like the coffee maker, which at the moment is enough. And since sipping warm cups of bitter nectar is my stress response equivalent of curling up in the fetal position in the corner of the room, sucking my thumb, this discovery is extremely welcome.

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