I miss real coffee.

We’ve been sitting in silence for a few minutes when the teacher gasps, looks at his watch, pauses.  “For three days I have hang over.  So I am exhausted.”

Unrelatedly, they say that when you travel, your relationship with the foreign country goes through a sort of sinusoidal cycle with a period of two months.  Right on time, I have hit a trough.  At the moment, my thing is ‘This is a face saving society.  Therefore, whenever they say nice things about me, they are lying!  To save my face.”

But I will try not to let this negativity obscure the things that are wonderful, like when the teacher, whom all the students think is the devil, huffs into the office with a container full of dok, which is sweet little rice cake filled with sweet little soybeans and says “Eat dok.”

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