Friday night is the lonliest night

Can I tell you how bored I am. It is Friday night and my host father is probably off getting wasted and his wife is there to drive him home [update: turns out they went to temple and bowed 100 times to lord Buddha], Se Eun is in her room painting clouds on her cellphone cover, and I am downloading NPR podcasts so that I can hear the English language. [update: listened to them all; must seek new sources.]

They want me to go to a movie with the kids tomorrow. This is fine, but we will not have a repeat of last time. Last time we were going to see Monster House, but they said no no, it is dubbed in Korean so you won’t understand it. We have to see one of these other two movies. One was a chick flick with Uma Thurman, the other was an action flick I didn’t recognize. We saw the action flick and although he goes to the foreign language high school, I don’t think that Sehoo, my host brother, for a moment noticed that the movie was actually in French. I speak more Korean than I speak French. I didn’t have the heart to tell them.


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