My students, although sometimes like stalkers, are also adorable.

One class met my new coteacher for the first time. His predecessor had told them he was young, and tall, and handsome. When he arrived, they expressed their disappointment. They said, well you are tall.

Quotes from pen pal letters, which in most cases are as good as or better than the ones we recieved from Illinois in both attempt to express thought and penmanship:

I want to see your face.

I have one brother, mother and father. They are very kind. I love them. They love me.

I have a boyfriend and when he talk with other girls I’m so angry. Do you have a girlfriend?

My best friend is Na-young. Her nickname is “E.T.”

I live in Jeju Island, so I’m so happy. I can see the sea every day. Do you have any pets to raise? I have some fishes. They are very small and they don’t have their names because they look like same. Bye!

Apparently chicken scratch translates almost directly into Korean. They call it chicken’s feet.


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